BBQs2U – Master built Gravity Series To Connect With Friends Around Grill Post-COVID 19


Preparing food on a grill is exciting, gets people outdoor, and can be transformed into a social event. BBQs2U is a passionate family business that sells premium grills for backyard grilling season. Now, home confinement has increased the confidence to cook. Many people want to pursue this new habit even after the world returns to its new norm.

BBQs2U is offering buyers an opportunity to connect via cooking and food. The collective experience around the grill was never more emotional or relevant. Social circles have temporarily shrunk due to the COVID-19 situation. It has reminded people what connection and engagement with one another means. Just because going out is currently impossible doesn’t mean staying away from adventure. A backyard grill and smoke campaign including family and friends is the best solution.

BBQs2U inventory has the Masterbuilt Gravity Series BBQ for buyers to consider adding to their backyard. The professionals even have brands like Napoleon, Ooni, and Kamado Joe. The family business has been around for nearly two decades and the brands have been tested before adding them to their inventory. They are certain that the ideally grilled chicken will never dry out. However, the grillers will need to learn how to create BBQ sauces and even at what temperature to cook. Many buyers have taken their advice and cooked juicy meat that makes everyone lick fingers after the end of their meal.

Gas is the popular choice because of the convenience element, so can charcoal fueled Masterbuilt 800 bbq compete for this factor. Today, people are inclining towards flavors – smoky and charcoal! Masterbuilt has combined versatility and tech in its Gravity Series. The concept of hopper-fed charcoal is dropped down because of gravity onto the fire grate is used.

An electronically controlled unit fans the charcoal and the flame is blown into the cooking area/chamber. It can be controlled between 150°F to 700°F with a dial. It allows holding cold smoke at low temps to sear steaks at high heat. The grill attains 225°F within 8 minutes, 450°F in 10 minutes, and 700°F within 14 minutes.

A tech-savvy can install the Masterbuilt app on their Smartphone and connect it to the grill. Monitor the temperature from remote regions enjoying shopping or tea with friends. A notification pops up saying the pork is ready. Turn the temp down instantly and enjoy another glass of coffee before returning home to enjoy the meal.

The gravity series is available in three models – 560, 800, and 1050. The difference is in their cooking area size. Gravity series 800 has 800 sq. inches of cooking space and it is not too small and not too big. It resides in the middle but even includes the exclusive flattop griddle cooking area, which is unavailable in the other two models. Thus with 800, cooks can sear, smoke, and griddle in the same unit for reasonable rates.

BBQs2U even offers rotisserie and cover for the Masterbuilt grills at extra costs but improves the cooking experience. Check what BBQs2U Facebook followers say about their grilling experience!

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