How to consolidate the successful results at work with the help of a questionnaire?

How to consolidate the successful results at work with the help of a questionnaire

Most people would prefer to refrain from openly expressing their displeasure for fear of offending their supervisor and losing their job. This is a normal fear. It can be present even in employees whose manager is a person who is very open to criticism. That is why it is very important to know how to create a questionnaire.

A questionnaire – the most reliable way to perform the work effectively

The questionnaire helps to consolidate the successful result with the employee and tell what actions will help to continue to perform the work effectively, influencing the success of the company. Develop the habit of noticing situations that deserve praise: for example, if an employee has achieved a goal or exceeded the plan, is not afraid to take on difficult tasks, is constantly working on improving skills, as well as answer the following questions:

  • Do you know how and who will process the results? Have you reserved a resource for preparing reports?
  • Do you know in which format the results will be presented? Who will work with them?
  • Will all interested parties, based on the received data, be able to have a basis for decision-making?

What tools are making surveys easy?

When you urgently need to conduct small market research on the audience, study its needs or get the opinion of customers that is relevant to the business, online survey services come to the rescue. There are a lot of tools that make free surveys; they differ in their purpose and functionality and can help you to find out the following:

  • increase the level of trust both within the team and between employees and management;
  • to form a team approach among employees, to increase the level of cohesion and efficiency;
  • to determine which processes and tools hinder the quick resolution of tasks and negatively affect the result.

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