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There are many numerous new technologies available, and crypto gaming can be the best way to understand the crypto world and you can explore it in a fun way. Blockchain and gaming are the two things that are known as the perfect match for each other The gaming area on the internet has many drawbacks. It has been struggling with various safety problems as people’s personal information can be exposed to unwanted people. It has compatibility problems with the site and also some websites need to do payments in order to play the game so in that case, it can have payments problems. Some sites are corrupted and have the tendency to take your account information and make misuse of it. Visit for more information.

Here are the top crypto-based games which you can try.

  1. Crypto kitties– This game has become one of the famous games. It is a blockchain game. All over the people, this game has got all the success and the people actually spent more than 12 million dollars in order to buy these virtual kitties. In 2017, this app has been proved to be more profitable as compared to the investments that one does in stocks. In this game, you can collect as many cats as you can and breed them all. This stock exchange has the ability to run as per the norms of the laws of the normal market.
  1. Spell of Genesis- This game has also done a lot in the market just like crypto kitties. In this game, you need to win a battle in the Valley of Askian and they do not have to breed with each other. You need to store your magic cards on the blockchain, and for doing this process it is important to have the true ownership for the same and it is also very necessary in the crypto world to have the ownership for the same. What you need to have is bitcoin in order to use these cards and you can sell and buy them without any problem. Cards of the blockchain are available for all the players who are playing this game. But your identity is not disclosed to anyone who owns those cards. Your transactions would be safe and if there is congestion in the network then the fees can also increase and transaction time also increases.
  1. Beyond the Void– This game would introduce to us the full-on power that is the importance of crypto power when it comes to the game economy. This game is generally based on Nexium that is actually based on cryptocurrency. This would give you the whole idea of cryptocurrency and how you can actually use it. There is a market which is open for all and is established outside the game which is transparent and also harmless that is you can make use of it. You need to use Ethereum which is a wallet such as Metamask. You can trade it with other people easily and can also shop online for the new assets required by you. This wallet can also be called as Misk.

Thus, blockchain and gaming is a good match one needs to know and cryptocurrency economy is also very important to be learned. These technologies would give the new edge to the players and it would give them the new way of thinking to all of its users.

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