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Most of us consider our 3 seater sofa to be the heart of our house; it is where we unwind at the end of the day and host our friends and family. Others use it to have a quiet dinner or, for those who love a post-lunch siesta, as a serene location for an afternoon snooze.

Because the couch is the focal point of most living rooms and the first thing people see when they walk in, it makes sense to select one that complements the size and design of the space. Ideally, it will also meet your health and lifestyle requirements, especially if it is where you will be performing most of your resting and entertaining.

A rise and recline settee perform the same functions as a rise and recline chair, with completely adjustable posture and manual or automated systems. Many versions also include a twin motor option, which allows one seat to be controlled independently of the other, and customizable cushions let each user select their amount of support.

Questions to ask while deciding on a three-seater sofa:

If you’re not sure what size couch is ideal for you, the following questions could assist you in narrowing your options:

  • First and foremost, how large is your living room? Will you require room for a coffee table or side tables? Keep in mind that a walker or wheelchair may need to maneuver between pieces of furniture and that the couch will require clearing space in front and behind it while reclining.
  • Do you have a specific location in mind for it in the room? Will it, for example, have to face a television, run beside a fireplace, or perhaps below a window?
  • Who will be using it? Is it just for you, you and your spouse, your visitors, or a mix? Will it be part of a matched set or the only sitting choice in the room?
  • What is your financial situation? The larger the chair, the higher the price.
  • How much time are you willing to devote to cleaning it? The larger the couch, the more time it will take to clean, and bear in mind that leather will need to be treated regularly.
  • What kind of accessibility does the room have? Is it possible to fit a giant sofa through the door? Will it have to be carried up the stairs?
  • What are your long-term goals? Will you ever want to downsize, and if so, will you want to bring the sofa with you?

Advantages of a Three-Seater Sofa

A three-seater couch is a true statement piece, so think about how it will appear and fit in your living area. Like 2-seaters, there is no standard width for 3-seaters, although the average is roughly two meters, and most Mobility Furniture Company 3-seater sofas come with three smaller cushions as standard, instead of two huge ones. Three-seater couches are meant to accommodate three adults, but they are frequently preferred by couples who want to relax together but want a little additional space – either to sprawl out, put their feet up, or even share with a pet. Plus, larger couches offer more area for cushions, so if you want to decorate, this may be a smart option.


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