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How to Remove Your Existing Central Air Conditioner?


Your existing air conditioning unit includes a refrigerant that needs to be removed prior to a new one can be set up. According to the EPA standards, it is unlawful to freely vent this cooling agent into the atmosphere.

A device known as a recuperation device should be utilized together with a recovery container to lawfully and safely get rid of the cooling agent in the existing central air conditioner system. This is the only procedure that allows for the secure elimination and proper handling of the cooling agent.

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Any type of individual managing any type of refrigerant or devices having refrigerant needs to have a private EPA certification. An EPA qualification certifies the name detailed on the accreditation. As a result, each member of the setup group, solution group, or anybody who may handle refrigerant or equipment containing cooling agents is needed by law to have their own individual EPA accreditation.

When the refrigerant is recouped correctly, electric wiring is disconnected from the existing ac system. Near the AC is a separate box, which is a security device in case of emergencies. It can shut down your AC unit.

From the disconnect box, a “whip,” adaptable electrical avenue, lugs the power to the AC unit. Excellent AC companies replace the disconnect as well as the whip when replacing an AC unit, to make sure system security.

In places where an old system doesn’t have a detached box, a new one is needed by safety codes to be set up with the new AC unit. There are specific installation standards for sizing as well as electrical wiring the disconnect effectively.

The breaker must be switched off in the electrical panel prior to any type of work is to be done inside the service disconnect. When all the existing links are securely removed, the existing air conditioner is ready to be removed.

Preparing the Place for Your New Central Air Conditioner

Most of the time, the existing place of the AC system will call for some prep job prior to the new air conditioning system can be set in location. This prep work includes replacing the pad that the new AC will be set on.

New ACs are bigger as well as are taller than their predecessors. There are likewise times when the ground has sunk. Prior to the new pad can be set, the ground has to be leveled. Great businesses installing your new system utilize a crushed rock base to level out or accumulate the area where the new air conditioning system will be placed.


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