Planning to start commercial imports business in Canada? Get a customs broker!


Importing goods into Canada isn’t the easiest thing. You have to ensure compliance with customs regulations and rules, pay necessary duties and taxes, and interact with authorities from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Working with a known broker like Clearit Canadian customs clearance has many advantages. Here’s what you must know about working with a customs broker.

Get expertise and experience

All customs brokers are licensed by the CBSA, and they deal with a huge volume of imports every month for individuals and businesses. These customs brokers are particularly useful for commercial importers, who often have to navigate complicated norms, rules, and aspects of international trade. With the experience and expertise of a customs broker, you don’t need to deal with anything without being 100% sure.

Get advice on important aspects

The role of a customs broker extends beyond the basic task of customs clearance. Brokers work extensively with importers and businesses that need to know about emerging markets and require assistance on international trade matters. Their agents can educate a client on various aspects, including tariff classifications, audits, and regulations. If you are starting a huge importing business, you may need to hire an in-house team of import experts. A dedicated customs broker would cost much lesser and can work as the extended arm of your importing company.

Save effort and time

Another key reason to hire a customs broker is to save time and effort. Agents and team members working for customs brokerage services offer all the support that clients need, and they can finish most tasks without any delays. They also rely on their tools and in-house resources to ensure compliance and avoid mistakes that delay getting the goods into Canada. These brokers work with the customs agents routinely, and they have healthy relationships that can benefit your business.

Get help with other aspects

If you run into trouble with imports at any point, your customs broker can offer practical solutions to minimize the consequences. They can also help digitize your business, and you can expect them to handle your recordkeeping and auditing tasks. Even if you know nothing about an emerging market, your broker has insider information and a pan understanding of international trade to guide your business further.

Check and shortlist a few customs brokers in Canada now. Make sure that the selected service is responsive and has good reviews.

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