How To Treat Periodontal Diseases And Its Various Types


One of the most important and attractive things in a person is his or her smile. A beautiful smile is the best makeup that a person can wear without any hesitation. However, for a beautiful smile, the major factor that we should keep in focus is a healthy and white set of teeth.

However, this smile can get fade up due to various conditions that can affect your teeth. That’s why in case you are going through any such conditions then it is very necessary to get it treated by the dentist. That’s why here we are going to discuss some teeth-related diseases and about the best dentist Poway.

Where to find the best dentists?

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About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is a kind of gum infection, a progressive condition that gradually infects the gum and then in severe conditions affects the jawbone. If it remains untreated for a prolonged time, then it can loosen the teeth and you might lose them permanently.

It is mainly caused by the bacterium present in the plaque. During infection, they get stacked to the gum and the gingival tissue and start their multiplication. With the increasing number, they release certain toxins that damage the tissue. And hence leads to the loosening of the tissue surrounding the teeth, which later on fails to hold up the teeth.

Types of Periodontal Diseases

Different types of Periodontal Diseases differ from each other in their pathology, manifestation, etc. So here are some of the most found disease and their treatments:

  • Gingivitis: it is one of the most common diseases found among pregnant women, diabetic patients, and people with seizures, blood pressure, and birth control medications. It is caused by the toxin released from the plaques.

Treatment: mostly the dentist uses root planing and deep scaling-like procedures to clean up the infected area. Later certain antibiotics can be used or prescribed to kill the bacteria that remained right there.

  • Chronic Periodontal Disease: it is a condition where the gum starts getting recessed. It is characterized by inflammation of the gum and gradual degradation of the gingival tissues.

Treatment: it can’t be cured permanently as the tissues get permanently damaged. However, the progression of the disease is stopped by the dentists with scaling and root planing along with antimicrobial treatment. Also, surgical procedures and tissue grafting can be done to fix the condition.

  • Aggressive periodontal disease: it is of severe condition, where the teeth lose their attachment, and bones get degraded at an accelerated rate. It is mostly seen in smokers and people with their family history.

Treatment: in such cases, mostly surgical treatment, and laser treatment are needed to save the remaining tissues. Also, scaling and root planning can be done to a limit.

  • Necrotizing periodontal disease: It is a rare condition. As shown by the name, it is characterized by the necrosis or cell death of the ligaments, gingival tissues, and jawbones. Mostly prone to the patients with HIV, malnutrition, immunosuppression, smoking habit, and stress.

Treatment: before starting the treatment, the dentist first has to consult with the patient’s physician. The patient is mostly provided or instructed with the scaling, root planing, antibiotic pills, and fungicidal medications.

  • Periodontal Disease related to the systemic condition: it is mostly defined as an aggressive periodontal disease, but is highly triggered by different systemic diseases like heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, etc.

Treatment: the principal treatment for treating this condition is to get control over the major systemic diseases that are accelerating it. Rest can be treated with the general treatment like scaling, root planing, etc.

Prevention of Periodontal Diseases

We have been taught since our childhood, prevention is better than cure, hence it is far better to take precautions and prevent the chances of getting periodontal disease. So, here are some of the healthy tips to prevent it:

  • Floss: floss at least once a day to clean and remove the places from the teeth.
  • Regular dental cleaning: it is necessary to get a regular cleaning from a professional dentist. You can visit the dentist in Rancho Bernardo to get the cleaning done.
  • Brush twice a day: with this, you can avoid the accumulation of plaque over the gum and teeth.
  • Use of fluoride toothpaste and therapeutic mouthwash: these things keep the mouth clean and fresh and avoid diseases.
  • Quit smoking: as we saw some diseases are prone to smokers hence try to quit smoking.


We play a major role in keeping our teeth healthy hence try to follow good habits in case you’re suffering from any condition visit your dentist immediately.

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