Perks of Outdoor Play Fitness Equipment 


Exercising releases happy hormones, and what is better than taking advantage of the outdoor free equipment rather than the gym’s claustrophobic ones. Exercising in an open space will improve your level of Vitamin D and positively affect your mental health. 

The outdoor play equipment has been rising in the trends helping people socialize and stay fit simultaneously. 

We will mention some of the outdoor gym equipment that Inspire Play outdoor play equipment constructs. They are: 

  1. Ovate Stepper
  2. Hip Twister
  3. Leg Press
  4. Shoulder Twirl
  5. Chin-up Twister Bar

Key benefits of outdoor play fitness equipment:

  • Cut down on finances: Naturally, if you start working out in local parks and take advantage of the free equipment provided there, you can easily save your membership money for gyms and instead invest it into something a lot more feasible.
  • Releases happy hormones: Ever since 2019, the rates of declining mental health are increasing in huge quantities – and working out in this open environment will decrease your stress level and secretes serotonin and dopamine, which helps in your mood-stabilizing. Additionally, it plays a significant role in improving your sleeping and eating patterns. Moreover, that will uplift your energy and overall physical health!
  • Immunity and Vitamin D: Working out in an outdoor space helps you with fresh oxygen, which further balances your natural body cycle, and helps you fight off the bacterias, improving your overall immunity. Along with that, you also become enriched with Vitamin D, which is good for your skin, bones, and teeth as well – not only that, but it also acts as a painkiller and mood stabilizer.
  • Eco-friendly: Since these types of equipment are placed in the local park, it requires zero electricity and minimum maintenance – because of which there is no need to invest extra money like usual gyms. Moreover, the best part is it is aligned with our sustainable development goals, as the types of equipment can be easily recycled.
  • Push you to be more social: Due to the busy schedule, without realizing humans have become more anti-social than ever. We barely have time to talk to our loved ones, let alone randomly chatting with people from the neighborhood. By going out to work, you can interact with a few people, whether they are kids playing in the park, people strolling around, or even your workout partner. Regardless, it helps you develop social relations and motivate each other to do better than before.

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