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A type of curtain head is referred to as a wave. The heading is sewn with a special flat tape that lets you change the length of the curtains into an “S” shape and makes a stunning ripple when attached to a track. Modern wave curtains are a popular choice because they give a room a more modern and sleek appearance. When opened, wave curtains also let in a lot of light because the gathers stack neatly.

Which designs of interiors complement wave curtains?


Waves are the obvious choice for minimalist interiors due to their contemporary and sleek appearance. When paired with neutral fabrics, the ripple shape and clean lines create a subtle interest.


The perfect setting for impressive waves is the high ceilings of industrial homes. A double-layered treatment of curtains over sheers looks incredible for an even more striking appearance. 

Curtains in the Art Deco 

Wave style are an excellent option for a home that is vibrant and opulent in style. Velvet and patterns with angular shapes or rich jewel tones work particularly well .A twofold layered treatment of a profound shaded drape and white sheer voile adds a lavish component and, surprisingly, more show to the style.

Not only are wave curtains stunning in these interiors, moreover, they complement Scandi, Contemporary, and Traditional residences well.

What kind of fabric is appropriate for wave curtains?

Wave curtains look great with either plain or patterned fabrics, so it really comes down to personal preference. If you want the waves to have a visual impact based on shape rather than design, plain fabrics are an excellent choice for a sleek and uncluttered appearance. Since wave curtains have a more contemporary appearance, geometric designs and organic or abstract shapes work better than floral or more conventional prints when selecting patterns.

Sheer voile curtains look amazing in all kinds of interiors because they give a room a soft feel while also letting in a lot of light and making you feel connected to the outside world while still keeping your privacy. Sheers can be used by themselves, over the top of shutters or horizontal blinds, as a double-layered treatment, or in combination with curtains.

How to Install a Wave Curtain Track

We always recommend installing wave curtains using a top fix path. When the track is attached to the ceiling, it is called a top fix track. We recommend a top fix because it creates the lovely illusion of floor-to-ceiling curtains. You can also use a face-fix track, which is one that is attached to the wall. However, due to the depth of the curtains’ wave shape, you will need to choose specific face-fix brackets.

How to Hang Wave Curtains 

The best way to hang wave curtains is on a top fix track for a dramatic wave and a cleaner look. This kind of curtain hanging gives the impression that your ceilings are higher and has a more refined aesthetic.

You can create the wave effect by placing your curtain hooks in small pockets on the back of the wave heading. Count the distance between each pocket and thread your hook through it to create beautiful, evenly spaced waves.

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