The freshkeeper Storage Solution is Essential: How Is It Possible?


Once harvested, you will have to store and keep your weed for a few months or even a few years for those who have seen it big. After so much effort in growing it, it would be a shame to store your weed poorly. The Freshkeeper storage solution is essential there. Now let us know a little more about the Freshkeeper storage process.

The Risks of Poor Conservation

The first thing to beware when using waterproof Freshkeeper storage of is that your weed dries out too quickly. Indeed, too rapid drying leads to an alteration of the taste and scent of the weed. Plus, you could quickly end up with overly dry weed Shelf, which crumbles to a powder as soon as you touch it. Finally, the biggest risk in the event of poor conservation of the weed, it is the mold and the mushrooms. This is because if your weed with protected aroma is improperly dried or stored improperly, mold could start to form inside the larger buds. This could spread to other buds and quickly contaminate your entire crop. To avoid ending up with any of these issues, follow this guide on how to store and preserve your weed for years. This is where the Freshkeeper storage is essential. With the Boveda Hygro-Packs for regulating humidity in humidors the process goes perfect. For proper Black Leaf Safekeeping Freshkeeper this is most essential.

Slow Drying For Long-Term Grass Conservation

Drying is the most important step in preserving your weed and there comes the Freshkeeper storage. Indeed, a weed dried slowly and correctly will keep longer in better condition than an herb dried too quickly. The slower the drying time, the better your weed will taste and smell. It is also important to carry out the drying in the dark. So you need to choose the Freshkeeper Safekeeping storage perfectly.

Dry Weed Indoors

Indeed, during the harvest, the buds are loaded with chlorophyll which gives a bitter and harsh taste to the weed. The chlorophyll gradually disappears when the buds are kept in the dark. Finally, maintain a temperature and humidity suitable s will allow optimal drying. You can make use of the Freshkeeper storage there also. For the right kind of Cvault airtight Boveda Conservation this is essential. The Noaks bag is essential there. With Humidity 62% this works fine. With the right wood shelf it works fine. With the right Rolling Tray choices you can make use of the same. This you can buy online.

How to Ensure a Very Slow Drying?

  • Place the buds in total darkness
  • Maintain a temperature around 20 ° C for the first 3 days of drying, then drop between 17 ° C and 19 ° C for a very slow drying.
  • Keep the humidity between 50 and 55% for the first 5 days and then gradually decrease by 5% every 3 to 5 days.
  • Drying should last between 12 and 20 days for optimum quality.
  • Drying is complete when the branches crackle when you bend them.

Curing: an Essential Step to Store Your Weed for Years

Curing is the key step in going from seemingly dry Marihuana to ready-to-smoke weed. Once the weed is dry, there is still quite a bit of moisture left inside the buds. Curing gets rid of this moisture as slowly as possible, giving the weed tone its aroma and flavor. If you choose the right Humidor then you can expect the best. With Humidity 62% this works perfect. For the Humidity Magement System this important.

Glass Jar to Store Your Weed

Just like drying, the curing phase must be done in a dark place in order to let the weed get rid of its chlorophyll. For the use of the stainless steel Humidor this goes perfect with Humidity 62%. This is the right process after with the Cannabis Conservation works. For the proper Storage of herbs, weeds and loose tobacco this works fine. Make use of the Boveda Hygro-Packs for regulating humidity in humidors there.

How to Do a Good Curing?

  • Place your weed in a Cvault Zip Lock Bags
  • Place the jar in a cool, dark place
  • Open the jar 1 hour a day for 15 days
  • After 5-7 days your grass will start to smell like straw. Do not worry, it’s normal. After ten days of curing the weed will regain its initial smell which will even be much stronger and more intense than before curing.

The Key Is To Be Patient.

Store your Herb in Glass Jars or Preserving Jar. To store and keep your weed for months or even years, it couldn’t be easier. You just have to leave it in the glass jars or preserving jars in which the weed has cured. On the other hand, it will be necessary to open the jars less often as time passes. For the first month after the end of curing, open the jar for 1 hour every 3 days. For the next 3 months, open the jar 1 hour per week. Then you can open the jar only 1 hour per month, and this for several years. Also make use of the right Herbs Humidor there.

Stocker and Keep Your Weed in a Can

Remember, tins or glass jars containing the herb should be stored in a cool place (maximum 21 ° C) and in the dark. To avoid handling large jars containing tens of grams of weed too often, we recommend that you keep your drink in a smaller pot. You can replenish it as often as needed. But at least that saves you from keeping a 50 gram jar of weed on your coffee table, exposed to the light and the eyes of your visitors. Choose the right Humidor there/

Storage Methods to Avoid

We also want to mention the storage methods to avoid if you want to keep your weed in good condition for the long term. The two most often used alternative methods:

  • Plastic bags or pouches
  • Freezing

Plastic Bags: Not Efficient for Storing Your Weed

Plastic bags, also called “pouches”, are very popular, particularly because they are used by most points of sale, legal or not. Do not store your weed in a plastic bag. While plastic bags are great for transporting and selling small quantities of weed, they are not the best way to store and preserve them. This is where the Noaks Bag works. The pouches are not suitable for long term storage of weed. And for good reason, they are not completely hermetic. Grass therefore dries out too quickly when stored in pouches.


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