Why Quartz Calacatta is a Preferable Material for Kitchens? 


Calacatta happens to be a good-looking stone. When you spot it, you will be enthralled by its beauty. The stone has a sharp back or grey veining with a stunning white background. 

If you are looking for the perfect material for a kitchen countertop, don’t hesitate. Go for Calacatta quartz as it looks elegant and visually appealing. Here’s some good news: this material is not going to lose its sheen even after decades. 

Contemporary kitchens can embrace this material. Are you having second thoughts? If yes, feel free to read the full post. This article will shed light on why Quartz Calacatta is a preferable material for kitchens. Dive in right away! 

A Water-resistant option for kitchens and bathrooms 

The surface of this material is non-porous. Since it is manufactured out of natural quartz and resins, it has a beautiful visual appeal. Moreover, the usage of resins makes the top layer unbreakable. If you are using this material in the kitchen or bathroom, water won’t be seeping in. 

Say no to stains

Stains can be a headache, especially when you have to clean the surface. There are times when your nail polish or a crayon color brushes against the surface. Don’t let it bother you because you can clean the stain easily with alcohol or hydrogen. The surface is easy to clean, so there won’t be any hard stains. 

The Material is Highly Durable 

Calacatta Quartz is very durable. You can expect it to be one of the toughest and most alluring materials. If you want to use the material for everyday purposes, then go for it. 

The Patterns are Good-Looking 

You can find Calacatta Quartz in two different colors – Vegle and Milan. In case you are looking for a particular kind, check out the Granite Au Sommet Quartz collection. 

A Material that Lasts Long and Stays Strong 

You are already aware of the material’s durability, right? The material lasts very long and stays strong for years.

Many years will pass and the beauty of this material will remain intact. However, you must choose a legit company that manufactures Calacatta Quartz. 

Summing up

Calacatta Quartz is the go-to material when it comes to kitchen countertops and bathrooms. 

You can enhance the look of the kitchen by investing in this material. Don’t be in haste and check out the collection of Granite au Sommet. You will be pleased to skim through the wondrous collection they have. 

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