A Guide to Planning a Funeral Service


Losing loved ones is one of the most challengingencounters every individual faces during their lifetime. It is an experience that no one expects to have.

But when the time comes, it is essential to plan a funeral service to make a loved one’s life something to remember and cherish truly.

A funeral service is a natural part of helpingindividuals recognize a person’s death and lifetime accomplishments andbringing mourning family members and friends together in support of one another at this difficult time.

With all the responsibilities such as deciding a funeral type, like affordable cremation services or burial, to picking a venue and date of the funeral, planning a funeral service can be stressful and frustrating.

If you are in a tight spot while planning a funeral for your loved one, below is a guide on preparing for a funeral service.

  • Keep in touch with the deceased’s legal representative(usuallya personal attorney or Estate Planning lawyer) who will have an Estate Plan, which will be helpful throughout the funeral planning process and in informing you of anybody else who should be included in the planning, like a sibling or close friend to support you during the process.
  • Plan for the deceased’s transportation. Choose the funeral home or site to work with. You can reach out to a Funeral Director to arrange the transportation of the deceased.
  • Carry out any pre-planned funeral arrangements, such as fulfilling the deceased’s wishes. Traditionally, prior arrangements requests include funeral planning andfactors like whether the dead prefers a cremation or traditional burial and chosen grave marker and flower arrangements.
  • Choose the type of disposition, such as a traditional burial or cremation. If you are on a budget, looking for affordable cremation or burial would be ideal.
  • Plan with your chosen cemetery. You will have to visit the cemetery’s director to purchase a plot or vault and schedule a burial time. You will also need to make certain personal decisions concerning the burial,such as selecting a coffin, urn, or grave marker. The Funeral Director will most likely be there to guide you.
  • You may choose to schedule an additional memorial ceremony in addition to the burial and funeral preparations. This might be a larger gathering for extended family members and friends to say their final farewells.
  • Invite people to be involved in the funeral service planning. For instance, you can ask a family member, relative, or friend who would want to deliver a eulogy.
  • Inform and invite some friends and family to the funeral service once arrangements are finalized. You can use social media or email to contact everyone as it can be too taxing to phone call each individual who wishes to come. However, it is customary to phone close relatives and friends when inviting them.


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